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  • Apple spars with EU as US$14 billion Irish tax dispute drags on

    Apple accused the European Commission of misunderstanding its business on day two of the iPhone maker's appeal against a US$14 billion tax order, in a dispute that is key to the EU's drive to collect more taxes but which could also run for years.

    Written by Reuters19 Sept. 19 13:57
  • European Union ponders proposals to prohibit Chinese firms from 5G networks

    The European Union is considering proposals that would effectively amount to a de-facto ban on Huawei Technologies Co. equipment for next-generation mobile networks, four senior EU officials said, adding to mounting international pressure on the world’s largest maker of telecom gear.

    Written by Reuters31 Jan. 19 09:35
  • EU regulators slug Google with record US$5B fine

    EU regulators hit Google with a record 4.34 billion euros ($5 billion) antitrust fine on Wednesday for using its Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals.

    Written by Reuters18 July 18 21:50
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  • With EU challenging Google, this time 'stakes are high'

    With the European Commission leveling antitrust charges against Google, the company should be bracing itself for a big and potentially costly fight over its dominant search business.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin17 April 15 03:51
  • Europe looks to ARM chips for supercomputing edge

    The European Union is moving to build a high-performance computing industry to challenge U.S. dominance, but it doesn't want to play catch-up. It wants to leapfrog, and it is seeing whether ARM Holdings technology can give it that edge.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau15 Nov. 12 11:13
  • EU case relies on 'weak evidence' says Intel lawyer

    Intel lawyer Bruce Sewell accused the European Competition Commission of relying on dodgy evidence, after Intel received a record fine for anti-competitive practices.

    Written by Martin Veitch15 May 09 09:03