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  • Google fixes Calendar glitch

    Google has fixed a problem that prevented a significant number of users from logging into their Calendar accounts.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez10 June 10 07:07
  • Google tests meeting rescheduling tool for Calendar

    Google is now publicly testing a new feature for its Calendar application that auto-suggests a new time and date for a meeting that needs to be rescheduled.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez19 March 10 06:53
Tutorials about Google Calendar
  • 5 New Gmail Tips for Power Users

    Gmail's newest features include ways to search for old emails, quickly add meetings to your calendar, send large files and more. Here's a look at five of Google's latest email features to help you make the most of the popular Web-based service.

    Written by Kristin Burnham15 May 13 18:45