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  • China orders Google to suspend foreign site searches

    China has ordered Google to suspend its foreign Web site search service after warning that the company's filtering of pornography was too weak, state media said Friday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 21:20
  • New search tool Google Squared goes live

    Google Squared, a new search tool that Google described last month, is now live. Squared pulls information about members of a category from all over the Web and presents it in a table with rows and columns, instead of the series of page links typically returned by search engines.

    Written by John Ribeiro04 June 09 19:02
  • Microsoft Bing: 5 features that give it a shot against Google

    Microsoft made Bing, its new "decision engine", <a href="">publicly available</a> yesterday with a background image of hot air balloons lifting off in the countryside on the Bing homepage.

    Written by Shane O'Neill03 June 09 09:00
  • Google Wave: A new kind of mega-application

    Google Wave, an upcoming Web application that mixes old technologies like e-mail, IM and online documents in a unified, socially-oriented view, could break down the traditional ways in which we compartmentalize and separate information - both as consumers and businesspeople.

    Written by C.G. Lynch01 June 09 03:31
  • Six things to expect from Google Chrome extensions

    Since Google's Chrome Web browser launched last September, it has garnered a small market share (roughly one percent, depending on the study you read). Chrome has embraced a lot of principles that has made the Mozilla Firefox browser so popular: It's fast and open to web developers to improve it.

    Written by C.G. Lynch29 May 09 10:44
  • Google FAIL and the Fog Over Cloud Security

    Late last year, when I interviewed Google Apps senior security manager Eran Feigenbaum and his marketing partner, Adam Swidler, they talked up Google's place in cloud computing and how it was in a prime position to make a difference with cloud security.

    Written by Bill Brenner20 May 09 02:03
  • Web attack that poisons Google results gets worse

    A new attack that peppers Google search results with malicious links is spreading quickly, the U.S. Computer Emergence Response Team warned on Monday.

    Written by Robert McMillan19 May 09 10:53
  • Washington uses Google Apps to power new intranet

    When it came time for Washington, D.C., to create a new intranet for city employees, spending US$4 million on a site based on proprietary portal software just didn't seem like a good idea to CTO Vivek Kundra. But using Google Apps did, he said in an interview Tuesday.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano15 Oct. 08 07:38
  • Analysts: Google spreading itself too thin

    As Google enters its second decade of existence with no apparent rivals for the search-king throne, industry observers warn that the company's biggest enemy may be itself.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Sept. 08 08:34
  • At 10-year mark, Google's glossy facade shows cracks

    Now that Google has reached its 10-year-mark, the company is facing the cultural complexities and challenges that come with the transition from hip startup to corporate giant.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano08 Sept. 08 08:09
  • As Google turns 10, enterprise success in question

    Most computer industry companies would feel satisfied with ruling the highly lucrative and technically complex search engine advertising market -- but not Google.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez08 Sept. 08 08:08