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  • Google's Nest struggles could set back the IoT movement

    Despite the hype surrounding the Internet of Things and smart home, one of the industry's largest players, Google's Nest, is struggling to innovate and scale. What’s the problem?

    Written by Matt Kapko08 April 16 21:48
  • How 5 tech giants are mobilizing the enterprise

    Smartphones and tablets are working their way deeper into the enterprise thanks in part to initiatives from major tech companies that look to sweeten the deal for businesses.

    Written by Sarah K. White11 March 16 02:13
  • How to get started with Google Analytics

    Google Analytics can provide valuable online insights for marketers and website managers. Unfortunately, GA has a bit of a learning curve. Here's a beginner's guide to the basics.

    Written by James A. Martin02 March 16 23:54
  • Microsoft, Google earnings shed light on Cloud war

    While Microsoft currently has a significant lead over Google in the workplace productivity market, the companies' cloud-based offerings are just a small fraction of their businesses. However, both plan to invest heavily in Office 365 and Google for Work in 2016.

    Written by Matt Kapko04 Feb. 16 01:57
  • Google admits most 'moonshots' lose money

    Alphabet declined to reveal exactly how much money it invested in each of its 'moonshots,' but it did say the largest amount of capital expenditure went to Google Fiber in 2015 and that the costs associated with the initiative will likely increase as it expands the broadband service to more U.S. cities.

    Written by Matt Kapko03 Feb. 16 01:59
  • Google says it killed 780 million 'bad ads' in 2015

    Google was busier than ever in 2015, claiming that it shut down relentless spammers and other bad guys who spread malware and 'trick-to-click' ads, which mislead users into clicking them.

    Written by Matt Kapko23 Jan. 16 01:25
  • Why Microsoft will beat Google in the enterprise Cloud war

    Google beat Microsoft to market with its Cloud-based suite of business apps, but the tables have turned and many organisations, particularly large enterprises, are now looking to Microsoft for their cloud needs.

    Written by Matt Kapko10 Dec. 15 16:00
  • Inside RankBrain: What Google's new search algorithm means to you

    Google's RankBrain search-algorithm update has been live for months, but the company just recently confirmed the existence of the new machine-learning component. Here's a breakdown of RankBrain, along with a list of few important things digital marketers need to know.

    Written by James A. Martin24 Nov. 15 16:00
  • Google+ updates aim to breathe new life into ailing social network

    Google whittled down its Google+ platform to the bone as part of a new redesign that highlights groups and topics. But does the latest batch of changes represent a new beginning for the struggling social network, or the beginning of the end?

    Written by Matt Kapko20 Nov. 15 17:56
  • Google Cardboard exec says content will make (or break) VR

    The head of partnerships for Google Cardboard says compelling content will ultimately make virtual reality succeed, and he encourages innovative individuals to get going on creating immersive and unique VR experiences.

    Written by Matt Kapko06 Nov. 15 15:54
  • Google takes on Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles with AMP

    Google wants to play a more significant role in the development and delivery of news on mobile devices, and its new open source AMP initiative already has an impressive list of supporters. But will it be enough to compete with Apple and Facebook?

    Written by Matt Kapko14 Oct. 15 15:11