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  • Brin, Schmidt eye further Google expansion

    Despite Google's phenomenal growth, the Internet search giant does not appear to be worried about taking on too many projects, judging from comments made at a media roundtable Wednesday with company cofounder Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt.

    Written by Marc Ferranti08 Oct. 09 05:59
  • Motorola describes close relationship with Google

    On the day that Microsoft is launching phones that will run on its latest version of Windows Mobile, Motorola is singing the praises of open-source software, specifically Google's Android.

    Written by Nancy Gohring07 Oct. 09 08:09
  • Adobe, Google sued by Textscape over patents

    Google and Adobe Systems have been sued by a New Jersey company for allegedly violating patents used for processing text, according to recent court filings.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk02 Oct. 09 22:38
  • Google expands search control with new options

    Google is adding new functionality to a side panel that could provide quicker access to relevant search results, the company said on Thursday.

    Written by Agam Shah02 Oct. 09 07:06
  • Yahoo opens new home page to external developers

    Yahoo is opening its newly redesigned home page to external developers so that they can build applications for it, the company said Tuesday.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 Sept. 09 01:52
  • Android modder attempts to outmaneuver Google

    The creator of a popular souped-up version of Android thinks he's found a way to avoid a further tussle with Google over distribution of the company's mobile applications.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk30 Sept. 09 05:54
  • Report: Google accused of violating Italian law

    An Italian prosecutor has accused Google of violating Italian and European regulations in the way it handles its e-mail communications, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported Monday.

    Written by Philip Willan29 Sept. 09 05:38
  • Google barks back at Microsoft over Chrome Frame security

    Google has hit back at Microsoft, defending the security of its new Chrome Frame plug-in and claiming that the software actually makes Internet Explorer (IE) safer and more secure.

    Written by Gregg Keizer28 Sept. 09 08:58
  • Google set to take on collaboration giants

    Signaling an intent to compete with giants in the collaboration software space, Google is introducing an API to extend the Google Sites collaborative content development tool, featuring a capability to migrate files from workspace applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes to Sites.

    Written by Paul Krill25 Sept. 09 08:23
  • Google news goes offline

    It was a bad news day for Google on Tuesday, as the company's Google News site went offline for about an hour.

    Written by Robert McMillan24 Sept. 09 11:01
  • One year on, Android's not quite there yet

    After it has spent nearly a year on the market, analysts are reluctant to declare Android a success, but they say the platform could turn a corner in the next few months when many more phones are expected to go on sale.

    Written by Nancy Gohring24 Sept. 09 09:39
  • Why Microsoft's Elop isn't afraid of Google

    Microsoft's Business Division oversees one of its most successful products, the Office productivity suite, as well as the company's lucrative server and enterprise software businesses. However, like the rest of the company, the division has not been immune to the pressure of the recession, and revenue fell 13 per cent in the quarter ending in June.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano24 Sept. 09 06:20