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  • Scams cost Australians more than $100M a year

    Australians have so far lost $118.5 million to scams as at October 2019, which is already $10 million more than what it cost in 2018 ($107 million).

    Written by Samira Sarraf28 Nov. 19 07:00
  • QLD deploying new facial image processing for driver licences

    Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has signed a new deal with Unisys to provide facial image processing technology and services for the state’s smart card driver licences.

    Written by Byron Connolly11 Sept. 19 16:03
  • FBI grabs a Most Wanted Cyber Fugitive

    The FBI this week said it had nabbed one of the agency's <a href="">Cyber's Most Wanted</a> outlaws -- John Gordon Baden who is charged with stealing the identities of 40,000 people and then using the information to siphon millions of dollars from brokerage or bank accounts.

    Written by Michael Cooney06 Nov. 14 08:16
  • IRS uncorks Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2013

    The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers that there are plenty of scam artists and cybercriminals that want your money.

    Written by Michael Cooney26 March 13 17:13
  • Financial, health data dumped in Sydney rubbish bins

    Some Sydney bank branches, lawyers' and doctors' offices have been found guilty of not properly disposing of personal information in rubbish bins which could be used by criminals for the purposes of fraud or identity theft following a private investigation.

    Written by Hamish Barwick19 Feb. 13 10:16
  • Thieves are stealing children's identities

    Identity theft has saddled thousands of children with debt, sometimes for years before they ever discover their personal information has been stolen, a study says.

    Written by Tim Greene02 April 11 08:43
  • Identity theft down but cost skyrockets

    Identity theft related to credit and debit cards dropped by 28 per cent in 2010 over 2009 -- but the out-of-pocket cost to victimized consumers rose by 68 per cent.

    Written by Ellen Messmer09 Feb. 11 05:53
  • ChoicePoint to pay $275,000 for second data breach

    Data broker ChoicePoint, the victim of a 2004 data breach affecting more than 160,000 U.S. residents, has agreed to strengthen its data security efforts and pay to compensate potential victims of identity theft for a second breach in 2008, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday.

    Written by Grant Gross20 Oct. 09 09:28