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  • Interop: Ransomware should haunt you all the time

    When the ransomware demands come in it’s really too late to come up with a good response plan, so do that as soon as you can, an Interop audience was told.

    Written by Tim Greene07 May 16 00:00
  • Cyber insurance can be your worst nightmare, best friend

    Cyber insurance can pay out millions to cover the cost of data breach liability, but buying the policies can be a nightmare for info security pros, and premiums for similar coverage can vary wildly.

    Written by Tim Greene05 May 16 22:08
  • Interop at 30: New technology, new missions

    The Interop conference convening this week will be a far cry from the gathering of a small group of technology pioneers who sought interoperability among Internet devices 30 years ago.

    Written by Tim Greene03 May 16 02:39
  • Google: Cloud on verge of major transformation

    Something big is up in the cloud. Google's Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure Urs Hölzle says in five years you will barely be able to recognize what today's cloud looks like.

    Written by Brandon Butler30 April 15 22:40