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  • Local councils starved of money for IT

    Senior IT staff at local councils are starved of funds to replace legacy systems and are competing with business managers and councilors at the executive table who are themselves battling to meet ratepayers’ demands, according to research.

    Written by Byron Connolly26 June 17 16:36
  • Facebook taps its social ranking tech to improve employee satisfaction

    Facebook is applying some of the algorithms that facilitate connections between its 1.2 billion users to augment employee collaboration and reduce dreaded inbox clutter, underscoring one of many ways the company is tapping the tremendous volumes of data it collects to make business processes more efficient. The software, under development, is designed to help new workers connect with colleagues and work groups within the Facebook social network.

    Written by Clint Boulton14 Aug. 15 06:56
  • IT job gains: Not as bright as they appear

    The IT job market for the first half of 2015 is a touch softer than it originally seemed, soft enough that IT job growth is not only flat, but shrinking slightly.

    Written by Serdar Yegulalp11 Aug. 15 04:52
  • The real dirt on programming certifications

    With programmers and developers in such high demand these days, it may be tempting to think that a decision as stodgy as pursuing a certification is a waste of time. After all, doesn't it all come down to the art of your code?

    Written by Bob Violino11 Aug. 15 02:20
  • UK government reportedly working to end its reliance on Oracle

    The U.K. Cabinet Office has reportedly asked government departments and agencies to try to find ways to end their reliance on Oracle software, but it's not clear that approach will really solve its problems.

    Written by Katherine Noyes06 Aug. 15 06:46
  • Employment engine keeps humming for IT job seekers

    Momentum keeps building in tech industry hiring, with unemployment dropping even lower than before. But it's not all good news, as Web developers and others saw increases in joblessness.

    Written by Paul Krill05 Aug. 15 05:25
  • How millennials challenge traditional leadership

    Millennials challenge many of today's traditional business practices, so it's not surprising that they are also disrupting corporate leadership. The millennial generation isn't attracted to the money or recognition associated with leadership positions. Rather, they want to be leaders to inspire others, make a difference in the world and lead companies that care about more than the bottom line, according to a new survey from Virtuali and Nearly half of the 412 millennials surveyed (47 percent) say they are motivated to be leaders because they want to empower others, while only 10 percent care about legacy, and 5 percent say they'd take a leadership job for the money.

    Written by Lauren Brousell05 Aug. 15 02:51
  • A new tool for pricing used IT equipment

    An electronics recycler has created an IT products database representing 9,000 manufacturers and 11 million equipment models. The products range from consumer to business equipment, such as network storage devices, routers, switches, as well as servers, PCs and office machines.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau05 Aug. 15 00:14
  • Is your careers site driving away candidates?

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as the cliche goes. If your careers site is outdated, difficult to navigate or otherwise unappealing, you could be driving away top talent.

    Written by Sharon Florentine31 July 15 01:40
  • The Takeaway: Tech bubble redux?

    The last time a tech bubble burst, markets fell, start-ups failed, IT unemployment shot up and undergraduate enrollments in computer science fell off a cliff.

    Written by Ken Mingis28 July 15 05:04
  • Cisco names two more to new CEO's team

    Cisco has named two new executives to the leadership team of new <a href="">CEO Chuck Robbins, who begins his tenure today</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy28 July 15 00:19
  • 790 could leave Cisco in Technicolor deal

    Cisco could transfer or impact as many as 790 employees under terms of <a href="">the sale of its Connected Devices business unit (CDBU) to Technicolor</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy24 July 15 06:14