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  • New SOHO router security audit uncovers over 60 flaws in 22 models

    In yet another testament of the awful state of home router security, a group of security researchers uncovered more than 60 vulnerabilities in 22 router models from different vendors, most of which were distributed by ISPs to customers.

    Written by Lucian Constantin02 June 15 22:05
  • In Pictures: Best of CES 2015

    The best and most noteworthy products and technologies found at CES 2015.

    Written by Colin Neagle12 Jan. 15 10:43
  • Fifteen new vulnerabilities reported during router hacking contest

    Routers appear to be as insecure as ever, after hackers successfully compromised five popular wireless models during a contest at the DefCon 22 security conference, reporting 15 new vulnerabilities to affected vendors.

    Written by Lucian Constantin13 Aug. 14 04:10
  • Netgear patch said to leave backdoor problem in router

    The security researcher who identified an admin backdoor in a range of routers last year has found that Netgear's patches don't adequately address the security issue.

    Written by Lucian Constantin23 April 14 23:50
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  • 13 events that defined Cisco's 2012

    From software defined networking challenges to killing Cius and corporate restricting moves, it was a busy year for Cisco.

    Written by Jim Duffy12 Dec. 12 17:58