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  • Internet pioneer Paul Vixie: Build roads, not walls

    ​'Are you an optimist?' was the question put to Paul Vixie last week at Kaspersky's security analyst summit in Singapore, when he took to the stage to receive the security company's 'MVP' award.

    Written by George Nott15 April 19 09:37
  • Google lets users get social with Maps

    Google is moving to make Maps more than just about getting to your destination. Maps is getting social.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Feb. 17 08:48
  • Nokia reaches deal to sell Here business to Audi, BMW Group and Daimler

    Nokia has reached an agreement to sell its Here mapping and location services business to an automotive industry consortium consisting of Audi, BMW Group and Daimler, in a deal that gives the business an enterprise value of €2.8 billion (US$3.1 billion).

    Written by John Ribeiro03 Aug. 15 16:37
  • Why Google’s enterprise pitch is a confusing mess

    Google has allowed a branding and marketing mess to fester around its enterprise business for far too long. The company needs a unifying message that can explain Google for Work to prospective customers in a more cohesive fashion.

    Written by Matt Kapko31 July 15 09:42
  • Nokia Here said to be snatched up by Audi, BMW and Daimler for US$2.7B

    Audi, BMW and Daimler will jointly purchase Nokia's Here digital mapping service for roughly $2.7 billion, and they plan to invite other auto makers to take a stake in the company as well, according to reports published on Tuesday.

    Written by Katherine Noyes22 July 15 05:52
  • The curious case of Google Street View's missing streets

    With the arrival of El Capitan on Google Street View last month, you can now haul yourself virtually up one of the most famous rock faces in the world. Navigating certain streets in urban areas, however, can still be a challenge.

    Written by Zach Miners10 July 15 04:16
  • Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

    Uber is adding to its mapping smarts by acquiring technology used by Microsoft's Bing Maps, and has hired roughly 100 Microsoft employees who work on image collection and data analysis.

    Written by Zach Miners30 June 15 08:04
  • Uber CEO admits company is not perfect

    Uber has made enemies in the five years its cars have been on the road. Safety concerns have sparked lawsuits from regulators, its data collection practices have landed it in hot water, and CEO Travis Kalanick can’t seem to shake his spoiled brat image.

    Written by Zach Miners04 June 15 13:02
  • Google to widen Maps' offline features

    Google will let users access more key functions of its Maps service, including search and navigation, without an Internet connection this year.

    Written by Zach Miners29 May 15 06:49