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  • How to balance cloud investment risk

    The C-suite and boards of directors often think about investment decisions under three key pillars – Will this decision make money? Will it save money elsewhere? And what is the risk?

    Written by Neville Vincent14 Jan. 19 14:52
  • The path to 'Exponential IT'

    In today’s world, IT systems need to be agile enough to ride not only every technological wave but also the rapidly evolving industry trends and changing customer expectations impacting each business.

    Written by Harshu Deshpande, Accenture30 Oct. 18 10:36
  • How CIOs Can Become Business Heroes

    Columnist Michael Hugos offers clear directions for how CIOs can open the exit door from the techie trap.

    Written by Michael Hugos30 Oct. 13 23:02