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  • Coles migrates to Azure to boost digital across entire business

    Coles has inked a partnership with Microsoft that sees the shopping giant adopt Azure as its cloud platform of choice. The move is aimed at accelerating digital transformation to enhance customer experience and improve business productivity.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 July 19 08:54
  • Govt dishes out $8.5m for cyber security realm

    The Federal Government has earmarked $8.5 million in funding for the country’s cyber security sector in a bid to “grow and create new jobs,” according to Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien05 June 19 08:56
  • Outdated tech harming productivity says survey

    ​Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of ANZ workers say outdated technology is harming their productivity, according to a survey by The Workforce Institute at Kronos.

    Written by George Nott30 May 16 12:43
  • Victorian govt to overhaul IT

    The Victorian Government has unveiled a new IT strategy that will see it update and consolidate outdated and complex and costly systems including hundreds of phone hotlines and 538 different service websites.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner13 May 16 11:18
  • ​What’s hot in enterprise IT? - Part 1

    David Gee lists the top products and tools that help improve productivity, as well as new virtual reality toys CIOs might want to consider during their downtime.

    Written by David Gee15 March 16 12:43
  • Today’s state of work: The productivity drain

    The Internet has created radical changes in our personal lives. We now live in a “consumerised” online world where we shop for products and services with a few taps on a smartphone.

    Written by David Oakley09 July 15 11:25
  • The Digital Worker's Guide to Doing Business on the Go

    Take on a new job that requires extensive travel? Looking to streamline things when you work at the office? This simple six-point guide will help you become a digital guerilla in no time at all – whether you use the Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating system.

    Written by Paul Mah22 Oct. 14 03:08
  • 7 ways to increase productivity

    Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are very productive and work is a
    breeze as everything just flows, and other times you struggle to get much done at all?

    Written by Phil Schibeci23 May 14 14:12
  • 14 Tips for Creating a Paperless Office

    Half a century after marketers coined the term 'paperless office,' the concept largely remains a myth. Today's businesses probably can't go completely paperless, but these 14 tips will at least help them stop wasting paper and start improving productivity.

    Written by Paul Mah26 March 14 12:47
  • Unravelling the IT productivity paradox

    “You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics”, Nobel prize winning economist Robert Solow said way back in 1987.

    Written by Daniel Lock25 Nov. 13 14:02