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  • The cultural change at IP Australia making data an asset

    ‘Treat data as an asset’ sounds like a straightforward and sensible maxim for any government agency to abide by. It was one published in bold type in IP Australia’s corporate plan from a few years back.

    Written by George Nott17 Sept. 18 12:52
  • Will 3D printing usher in the next wave of Internet piracy?

    A predicted boom in 3D printing could create a tangled web of intellectual property (IP) issues as it becomes cheaper and easier to copy designs and make knockoffs, according to some IP experts.

    Written by Adam Bender09 Jan. 15 14:25
  • With iOS, Apple gets the OK to borrow a Cisco name

    Three years after being sued by Cisco Systems for giving its iPhone the same name as a Cisco product, Apple has taken another page from the Cisco playbook, renaming its iPhone operating system, iOS.

    Written by Robert McMillan08 June 10 06:32
  • CA changes name, again

    For the second time in five years, CA has changed its name.

    Written by Joab Jackson18 May 10 04:53
  • Apple gets iPad name - just in time

    Just in time for the long-awaited iPad to go on sale, Apple has acquired the trademark on the iPad name from Fujitsu.

    Written by Stephen Lawson27 March 10 11:32