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  • Google's Polymer 1.0 brings reuse and better branding to Web development

    Signaling Polymer's production readiness, Google announced release 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference. A core library used to build and style Web components, Polymer transitioned rapidly from concept to production release in less than two years.

    Written by Steven Max Patterson30 May 15 04:51
  • Google Wallet for Digital Goods API is folding

    Google is retiring its Google Wallet for Digital Goods API and is encouraging users to go find other solutions. It will be retired on March 2, 2015, and Google has said that there will be no replacement product.

    Written by Paul Krill18 Nov. 14 08:18
  • Is responsive Web design the answer to cross-platform development?

    Responsive Web design is an emerging trend where applications and websites are designed for optimal viewing across multiple devices and screen sizes using a single code base. But will it fix Web application problems in today's mobile world?

    Written by Rebecca Merrett24 Oct. 12 10:46
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  • Open source identity: Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson

    Web application development reached a new paradigm with the release of Ruby on Rails back in 2004. Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson has since been at the helm of one of the most successful and popular open source software development projects. Ruby on Rails, or just Rails, has allowed thousands of developers to create complex applications rapidly in a consistent manner. Open Source Identity catches up David Heinemeier Hansson to find out what the early days of Rails was like and what the future holds.

    Written by Rodney Gedda22 Oct. 09 10:51