Stories by Mike Elgan

Rise of the planet of the tablets

The Planet of the Apes series of sci-fi thrillers in the late 1960s and early '70s depicted a world in which intelligent apes are the dominant species and humans have been subordinated.

Written by Mike Elgan09 Aug. 11 00:13

10 things I hate about Google+

I have a love-hate relationship with Google+. Because I love it and use it so much, I really hate its current limitations.

Written by Mike Elgan02 Aug. 11 01:20

Why Chromebooks will fail

Everyone wants what Microsoft's got, namely control of the most widely used computing platform. Or, more accurately, everyone wants the billions and billions of dollars that flow in from the dominance of desktop computing.

Written by Mike Elgan17 May 11 04:35

Larry Page's first blunder

Eric Schmidt is out at Google. Larry Page is in. I miss Eric already.

Written by Mike Elgan12 April 11 00:21

How to overcome Internet distraction disorder

The digital revolution has created an unexpected challenge: How do you get work done when a world of amusements is always just a click away?

Written by Mike Elgan29 March 11 01:38

Natural disaster? There's an app for that!

As Friday's earthquake in Japan demonstrates, natural disasters happen. And when they do, the first two things to go down are electricity and telephone services.

Written by Mike Elgan13 March 11 23:27

How to build a time machine

Search the Internet for a time machine and you may end up with an empty wallet and painful injuries, if the movie Napoleon Dynamite is accurate.

Written by Mike Elgan01 March 11 02:10

Why there's no such thing as an Internet kill switch

My iPhone rang yesterday evening. It was my 22-year-old son calling from his iPhone to ask me how to do something on iTunes. It was a pretty unremarkable call, and the kind of conversation we used to have when he lived at home, except that he was on the other side of the world in Mumbai, India.

Written by Mike Elgan08 Feb. 11 02:01

How Apple and Google will kill the password

Imagine sitting down at a public PC, surfing the Web, visiting Facebook, checking your online bank account and buying something on -- all without entering passwords or credit card information.

Written by Mike Elgan01 Feb. 11 03:25

Elgan: When the iPhone feels your pain

We love our gadgets. But they treat us with an indifference that sometimes feels like contempt. They're like cats.

Written by Mike Elgan18 Jan. 11 00:02

Big Business is watching you

In the 1949 novel 1984, George Orwell imagined a brilliant but depressing future in which the government, a.k.a. "Big Brother," broadcast propaganda while simultaneously watching every citizen via ubiquitous "telescreens" in every home and in public places. Video feeds are monitored by the "Thought Police," who are constantly on the lookout for facial expressions and body language that reveal "thought crimes." They wanted to know what you were thinking.

Written by Mike Elgan16 Nov. 10 02:29

Five solar gadgets that charge themselves

I believe that someday most buildings, vehicles and devices will be solar-powered. And that includes our personal gadgets -- phones, laptops and digital cameras.

Written by Mike Elgan09 Nov. 10 03:12

Why Facebook Places is going nowhere

Only 30 million people have used Facebook Places, one report finds. If that sounds impressive, consider that it represents just six per cent of Facebook users. And that's not the number who use it. That's the number who have tried it.

Written by Mike Elgan02 Nov. 10 01:52

Why HP's Slate isn't anything like the iPad

HP released its Slate 500 tablet this week. Immediately, everyone started comparing it with Apple's iPad. But the two devices have nothing significant in common. They are in entirely different device categories and can even be thought of as opposites.

Written by Mike Elgan26 Oct. 10 03:08

The wristwatch will rise again

Conventional wisdom says people don't wear wristwatches anymore -- especially young people. The story goes that because we now have cell phones, we no longer need to lash anything to our wrists.

Written by Mike Elgan14 Sept. 10 01:25