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Exactly what is Homeland Security watching for on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?

The idea that <a href="">any number of federal institutions are watching</a> your every move on social networks like Facebook, Twitter is unnerving at best. T<a href="">he Department of Homeland Security</a> is one of those agencies and today it testified before a House subcommittee to define and defend its role in social media monitoring.

Written by Michael Cooney17 Feb. 12 06:29

How to get the IRS' attention: Forge nearly $8 million in tax returns, steal identities

A former <a href="">Internal Revenue Service</a> employee this week got 105 months in prison for pleading guilty to theft of government property and aggravated identity theft in a case where the guy tried to get away with nearly $8 million in fraudulent tax returns.

Written by Michael Cooney11 Feb. 12 04:28

FTC warns background screening mobile apps may be unlawful

The Federal Trade Commission this week said it sent letters to six unidentified <a href="">mobile</a> <a href="">applications</a> makers warning them that their <a href="">background screening apps</a> may be violating federal statutes.

Written by Michael Cooney08 Feb. 12 05:26

How NOT to get a job 101: Hack Marriott, extort execs for work

The <a href="">Department of Justice</a> today said a man who sent malicious code to Marriott International Corporation, threatening to reveal confidential information taken from the company's computers if Marriott did not offer him a job, has been sent to prison for his criminal endeavor.

Written by Michael Cooney04 Feb. 12 08:27

IRS helps bust 105 people in massive identity theft crackdown

The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice teamed up for a coast-to-coast crackdown on <a href="">identity thieves</a> this week.

Written by Michael Cooney01 Feb. 12 08:20

Cybersecurity help exists, focusing it is the trick

There are a <a href="">ton of groups</a> out there that offer <a href="">cybersecurty</a> help and guidance, the trick, it seems is finding he right one for you organization.

Written by Michael Cooney12 Jan. 12 05:37

Do you know your cyberthreats?

The watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office this week issued a report that takes a look at what information, or guidance as they call it, is available to help government agencies and public sector companies bulk up their cybersecurity efforts.

Written by Michael Cooney10 Jan. 12 08:30

FBI warns of new Zeus-based malware in phishing scam

So long as people click on <a href="">unsolicited attachments in email</a>, scammers will invent new ways to take their money, identities and more.

Written by Michael Cooney07 Jan. 12 08:28