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NASA, cosmos community turn up volume on International Space Station

While NASA budget-keepers focus on setting future priorities for the space agency, many in the world space community is trying to turn attention to the benefits a mostly complete International Space Station will provide global science.

Written by Michael Cooney12 March 10 04:49

NASA space shuttle gearing up for big phase out

While politicians banter about NASA’s budget and the future of manned space flight, the space agency is prepping the critical technology its remaining four space shuttle missions will deliver to complete the International Space Station.

Written by Michael Cooney10 March 10 08:45

NASA telescopes watch cosmic violence, mysteries unravel

In the past few days there has been a burst of new photos and information from all manner of NASA's spacecraft and telescopes. The devices, ranging from the Hubble to Kepler the Spitzer telescopes, are delivering new information on everything from massive supergiant stars to new planets. Here we've gathered up some of them for a quick look.

Written by Michael Cooney07 Jan. 10 12:42

NASA Mars rover Spirit has survivability option?

As NASA celebrates its Mars rover Spirit’s sixth anniversary exploring the red planet it is hunting for a way to keep the machine, which is mired in a sand trap, alive to see a seventh year. On its Web site, the space agency this week noted there may indeed be such an option.

Written by Michael Cooney02 Jan. 10 02:43

NASA helicopter crash tests flying airbag

NASA is looking to reduce the deadly impact of helicopter crashes on their pilots and passengers with what the agency calls a high-tech honeycomb airbag known as a deployable energy absorber.

Written by Michael Cooney11 Dec. 09 07:44

In pictures: 20 key NASA projects in 2009

From the space shuttle and Mars mission to water on the moon and ice on the Earth, NASA has its hands in a variety of critical projects

Written by Michael Cooney09 Dec. 09 10:47

Virgin Galactic blasts into the great unknown

Virgin Galactic has rolled out the very cool looking suborbital SpaceShipTwo spacecraft it expects will take thousands of space tourists on a rocket ride to near space.

Written by Michael Cooney09 Dec. 09 05:52

IBM smartphone software translates 11 languages

Researchers at IBM say they have created smart software that that translates text between English and 11 other languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic.

Written by Michael Cooney24 Nov. 09 04:57

NASA space shuttle’s cosmic cuisine

As NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis astronauts blasted into space this afternoon, the last thing on their minds was wondering what’s for dinner.

Written by Michael Cooney17 Nov. 09 07:45

NASA to power Mars rover out of sand trap

NASA's long running Mars rover is stuck in a sand trap – a situation the space agency would like to fix. So NASA will begin what it called the long process of extricating Spirit by sending commands that could free the rover.

Written by Michael Cooney13 Nov. 09 07:46

The Top 15 most colorful, controversial Microsoft statements ever

In the pantheon of controversial Microsoft comments CEO Steve Ballmer's recent quote about the Apple iPod: "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It's a US$500 subsidized item," ranks right up there. But Between Ballmer and Chairman Bill Gates that comment would be hard pressed to crack the Top 15 all-time most controversial or even colorful things the two of them have uttered in the past oh, 20 years or so. These are my favorite quotes, there are many like them but these are mine:

Written by Michael Cooney09 July 07 08:06

Telecommute. Kill a Career?

Employees who frequently telecommute may damage or kill their chances to advance within a particular career.

Written by Michael Cooney02 May 07 11:43

Security a Top Issue As Teleworking Grows

Security continues to dominate as IT's most pressing concern when it comes to supporting a large telecommuting workforce. But while security is a concern, teleworking, especially in the government realm, continues to grow at an impressive clip according to a study released by the CDW Government consultancy.

Written by Michael Cooney24 April 07 16:02