Stories by Lucas Mearian

Wireless charging explained: What is it and how does it work?

Wireless charging technology has been around for more than 100 years, but its inclusion in devices such as Apple's new iPhone line has given it new life. Here's how it works, and why it could soon show up in everything from homes to robots.

Written by Lucas Mearian31 Oct. 17 21:26

Dell integrates desktop, mobile management for UEM

Dell has integrated PC Client Command Suite with VMware’s Workspace ONE cloud portal for mobile devices, giving admins a single view of both for better mobile management.

Written by Lucas Mearian25 Oct. 17 04:44

Yes, Windows Phone is dead. Here's why

Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows confirmed the company has no plans to bring new hardware or software to Windows Phones.

Written by Lucas Mearian10 Oct. 17 06:01

Apple takes the slow road to wireless charging

Though Apple has finally included wireless charging in its latest iPhones, the Qi standard it chose is slower than the variation used in rival Android smartphones.

Written by Lucas Mearian26 Sept. 17 20:06

Google’s HTC move borrows from Apple’s playbook

Google's $1.1 billion acquisition of HTC’s smartphone engineering arm is a recognition that to produce a quality device you need to control over the hardware and software – just like Apple.

Written by Lucas Mearian22 Sept. 17 07:59

What is FinTech (and how has it evolved)?

Financial Technology has been around virtually as long as the financial services industry itself. But since the economic meltdown of 2008, a new breed of disruptors has displaced traditional ecommerce providers with more efficient services.

Written by Lucas Mearian19 Sept. 17 05:03

Apple in the enterprise? It’s already there

Apple for years pushed, without much success, to get its hardware and software into the office. But the organic adoption of its iOS devices – especially the iPhone – finally forced enterprises to take it seriously.

Written by Lucas Mearian11 Sept. 17 20:15