Stories by Mike Elgan

Here comes the age of ambient everything

Trends in social, search, mobile, wearable and the Internet of things will alter our perception of reality. Change is in the air, says columnist Mike Elgan.

Written by Mike Elgan16 Nov. 13 12:05

The new killer app is a real human

The future was supposed to be automated and computerised. But it turns out that automation is creating demand for the human element.

Written by Mike Elgan09 Nov. 13 12:03

Is technology the cause of car crashes? Or the cure?

Passing laws to minimise accidents caused by distracted drivers is a good idea. But let's not dump advanced technology prematurely just because we assume it's a distraction, says Mike Elgan.

Written by Mike Elgan02 Nov. 13 10:57

Are you a nomophobe?

The joys of mobile computing are not without a downside. A wide range of diseases, disorders and syndromes have emerged around our growing gadget habit.

Written by Mike Elgan19 Oct. 13 10:19

Digital nomad survival tips you can use anywhere

Mike Elgan traveled over three continents in the past 18 months and has these tips for staying connected, keeping powered up and protecting your valuable gadgets from theft.

Written by Mike Elgan12 Oct. 13 11:05

Does your phone need a phone of its own?

Phablets -- those smartphones almost as big a tablet -- are great, but it can be hard to get them out of a pocket or purse. Help is on the way in the form of tiny, phone-like devices that use Bluetooth to let you talk on the phone without holding a phablet up to your ear.

Written by Mike Elgan05 Oct. 13 11:05

Why San Francisco today is like every city tomorrow

Silicon Valley Internet startups aren't always in the bits business. Sometimes there are atoms involved. Some of the most innovative new web- or mobile-based services have a physical aspect involving real-world goods, delivery or rental.

Written by Mike Elgan30 Sept. 13 14:25

Why are virtual assistant apps so shy?

The tech industry has been promising apps that interrupt us with important contextual information for two years. So where are they?

Written by Mike Elgan31 Aug. 13 11:12

Why you plug gadgets into the wall like a Neanderthal

In the future, phones, tablets and wearable computing gadgets won't come with chargers - they'll use inductive chargers built into desks, kitchen counters, bedside tables, cars and other surfaces.

Written by Mike Elgan24 Aug. 13 10:46

What wearable computing is really all about

Wearable computing gadgets aren't toys for lazy geeks or harbingers of a dystopian future. Here's why you're going to love wearable computing.

Written by Mike Elgan17 Aug. 13 11:12

The joy of glogging

Columnist Mike Elgan tries out the new Google Glass eyewear and uses 'glogging,' a new social medium for sharing experiences that takes blogging to a new level.

Written by Mike Elgan27 July 13 11:10

Why the mob rules

Many of today's hottest products do something similar -- they get their value from the collective actions of users. Mike Elgan explains why crowdsourcing and all that user data is so successful and valuable.

Written by Mike Elgan20 July 13 11:08