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Microsoft expands Office antipiracy 'nagging'

Microsoft Corp. today announced it was expanding an antipiracy program for Office to the U.S., the U.K. and 11 other countries that will identify pirated copies of the suite and nag users with on-screen messages.

Written by Gregg Keizer26 Aug. 09 05:43

Researcher: Twitter fails to fix cross-site scripting bug

A vulnerability in the popular microblogging Twitter service remains unfixed and can be used by criminals to hijack accounts or redirect users to malicious Web sites, a developer claimed today.

Written by Gregg Keizer27 Aug. 09 06:55

Microsoft knew of critical Office ActiveX bug in '07

Three of the critical vulnerabilities Microsoft patched Tuesday in ActiveX controls for Office were first reported to the company two years ago, according to the security firm that alerted Microsoft of the flaws.

Written by Gregg Keizer13 Aug. 09 08:31

Microsoft patches 9 bugs, leaves one open for hackers

Microsoft today delivered six security updates that patch nine vulnerabilities, fixing two bugs already being used by hackers but leaving one still open to exploit.

Written by Gregg Keizer15 July 09 08:10

Microsoft's Windows 7-to-XP downgrade plan a 'real mess,' says analyst

As expected, Microsoft will let computer makers sell PCs with the aged Windows XP for six months after it releases Windows 7, a move that will confuse companies and make it tougher for them to manage their licensing, an analyst said today.

Written by Gregg Keizer17 June 09 08:24

Apple patches 10 critical QuickTime bugs

Apple on Monday patched 10 critical vulnerabilities in QuickTime, including one that was hinted at in a Mac hacking book three months ago.

Written by Gregg Keizer03 June 09 08:30

Facing criticism, Adobe rethinks PDF security

Blasted three months ago for being slow to fix a zero-day vulnerability in its popular PDF viewer, Adobe today promised it will root out bugs in older code, speed up the patching process and release regular security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

Written by Gregg Keizer21 May 09 08:21

Microsoft delivers mega PowerPoint patch

As expected, Microsoft today patched a six week-old critical vulnerability in PowerPoint, the presentation maker that's part of the popular Office suite, using a single security update.

Written by Gregg Keizer13 May 09 08:50

Spammers seize on swine flu to pitch bogus meds

Spammers have seized on the growing interest in news of a possible swine flu epidemic to hawk fake pharmaceuticals, security experts warned Monday.

Written by Gregg Keizer28 April 09 07:51