Stories by Gregg Keizer

Downloads of pirated Windows 7 beta candidate soar

Downloads of a new build of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system have soared in the past two days, with thousands of systems now pulling pirated copies from BitTorrent sites.

Written by Gregg Keizer31 Dec. 08 07:31

Hackers claim to break into Palin's Yahoo Mail account

A group of hackers that hit the Church of Scientology's site earlier this year have apparently cracked the Yahoo Mail account belonging to Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for US vice president, according to documents and screenshots posted on the Web.

Written by Gregg Keizer18 Sept. 08 08:41

Microsoft postpones Windows Server 2008 RTM

As it trumpeted news of Vista SP1's scheduled release Wednesday, Microsoft Corp. also quietly said it would delay Windows Server 2008, the next version of its server operating system.

Written by Gregg Keizer30 Aug. 07 22:32

Mozilla pushes security in Firefox 3.0

Mozilla's next update to Firefox will sport several new safer surfing features, the company's chief of security said Wednesday, but users won't see the most important changes.

Written by Gregg Keizer08 Aug. 07 22:34

Hackers Hit 10,000 Sites, Launch 'Phenomenal' Attack

Attackers armed with an exploit toolkit have launched massive attacks in Europe from a network of at least 10,000 hacked Web sites, with infections spreading worldwide, several security companies warned today.

Written by Gregg Keizer19 June 07 11:18

China Makes Viruses for Cyberwar First-Strike

China's military has developed cyberwarfare first-strike capabilities that include units charged with developing viruses to attack enemy computer networks, a US Department of Defence (DoD) report has warned.

Written by Gregg Keizer30 May 07 11:23

Hacker Grabs 22,000 IDs from US University

A hacker grabbed the Social Security numbers of more than 22,300 current and former students at the US University of Missouri. It is the institution's second data break-in of the year.

Written by Gregg Keizer10 May 07 10:34