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  • F5 jumps into BYOD with new app manager

    F5 Networks on Tuesday will announce a mobile app manager product aimed at simplifying the integration of the omnipresent personal smartphone into corporate networks.

    Written by Jon Gold19 Feb. 13 14:16
  • Survey: U.S. falls behind on user-centered BYOD

    Singapore leads the way in allowing users to own an untethered mobile device, according to a survey of 1,500 users in 10 countries by Dell; U.S. corporations lead on using VDI to control data on those devices.

    Written by Lucas Mearian13 Feb. 13 21:02
  • 5 ways the help desk may be hurting you

    Aptly named, a company's help desk is primarily focused on resolving technology issues so the business as a whole can function successfully. Despite the best of intentions, however, help desks can put the company at risk by using legacy tools, shared passwords and incomplete security practices.

    Written by Bryan Hood, solution engineer for remote support software provider Bomgar08 Feb. 13 20:58
  • BYOD to Change the Face of IT in 2013

    The influx of younger workers and BYOD programs in 2013 will continue to shake up IT departments, according to new research reports. Should CIOs shift to a device-neutral service model?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige07 Feb. 13 21:35
  • Nokia Lumia gets lift from elevator company

    The Australian office of a lift and escalator company has seen more than 70 per cent of employees use Nokia Lumia handsets running versions of Windows Phone under its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy. However, a recent Forrester study painted a less rosy picture for the popularity of Windows Phone in Australia.

    Written by Adam Bender06 Feb. 13 15:58
  • Google+ finding its feet with businesses

    Google continues to tweak its Google+ social media platform as the company seeks to gain traction among businesses.

    Written by Adam Bender01 Feb. 13 13:49
  • How a Big Financial Services Firm Faced BYOD iPads

    With BYOD iPad security under control, financial services firm Blackstone looks toward tough challenges ahead, including the possibility of company-owned iPads and opening up its BYOD program to Android and Windows 8 devices.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige24 Jan. 13 01:20
  • Are federal agency workers going rogue with personal devices?

    Federal agencies continue to struggle with the question of whether to allow employees to use their personal smartphones and tablets at work under so-called bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, according to a survey out this month from the organization Telework Exchange.

    Written by Ellen Messmer22 Jan. 13 21:15
  • SAP's CIO hits CES to understand consumerization of IT

    Oliver Bussmann, CIO at SAP, boasts he has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also makes a point of attending trade shows like the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to grab ideas on new innovations.

    Written by Matt Hamblen10 Jan. 13 00:41
  • Opinion: 'Bring your own services' is the next big thing not to worry about

    CIOs often complain that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement is undermining their ability to keep their infrastructure and data secure. Every employee who comes to work with his or her smartphone or tablet and pulls up sales reports, help tickets and other corporate data creates a small hole in the armor companies have spent billions to build. Over time, the argument goes, the holes become a dangerous sieve.

    Written by Rachel Delacour, co-founder and CEO of BIME19 Nov. 12 19:01
  • Where are mobility and consumerization of IT heading in 2013?

    Analysts predict that cloud computing will play a larger role in mobility and consumerization of IT, Windows Phone and Android tablet sales will grow and there will more hot-desking in large organisations in 2013.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Nov. 12 14:04