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  • Apple-Google dustup: winners and losers

    When Apple announced today that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is resigning from Apple's board, the blogosphere let out a collective sigh of relief. In other words, it's about time. "Apple is well known for its secrecy around future products and directions," says Gartner analyst Charles Smulders, "the increasing overlap in products in recent months was bound to raise issues."

    Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Aug. 09 09:08
  • Chrome OS may fail even as it changes computing forever

    Google says it is working on an operating system designed for netbooks that boots in seconds, is impervious to viruses, and is designed to run Web-based applications really well. What's not to like? Plenty--if you're the number one software maker, Microsoft. Expect a showdown. Google faces an uphill battle rolling out its operating system, Chrome OS. The irony is, Google may not care if Chrome OS succeeds or fails. Here's why.

    Written by Tom Spring18 July 09 07:39
  • Microsoft, Google make sure IT has no dull moments

    Microsoft is launching Windows 7, Google has fired back with Chrome OS, and today Microsoft is turning up the volume on Office 2010. That's a lot to juggle, and soon you'll be asking yourself: Can I afford to upgrade or can I afford not to upgrade?

    Written by Todd R. Weiss14 July 09 02:17
  • Google: the world's most successful failure?

    The amazing thing about Google is how a business that makes 97 percent of its revenue selling advertising has people convinced that it is a technology company. And then gets a free pass despite a series of failures outside its core competencies in search and online ad sales.

    Written by David Coursey10 July 09 02:36
  • Does Google know too much about you?

    Do you trust Google? If you use its multitude of online services on a daily basis you might, but is that assumption wise? For some, Google is a wonderful company with a broad selection of useful online tools that make life easier, but for others Google is a looming, unregulated monster just waiting for the moment to drop the 'don't' from the company's unofficial motto, "Don't be evil."

    Written by Ian Paul11 July 09 05:22
  • FAQ: Google Chrome OS

    News of Google's Chrome operating system is sending waves though the tech world with some saying the OS signals the beginning of the end for Microsoft and others who say Google will fall flat on its face and fail.

    Written by Jared Newman09 July 09 07:17
  • The cloud takes many forms

    When putting your systems in the cloud, a few options are available depending on exactly what you want to put there and for how long. Although each vendor offers essentially the same service — a place to move your computing efforts away from your own infrastructure — they break down the pricing in a number of ways. Make sure you take into account your specific needs to find which cloud suits your company best.

    Written by Jarina D'Auria06 July 09 09:28
  • Who is in the Cloud? may have made the early headlines, but it has since been joined by a plethora of software-as-a-services companies selling almost any service that can be hosted in a data centre.

    Written by Brad Howarth06 July 09 10:38
  • YouTube readies redesign amid chorus of complaints

    YouTube plans to soon switch all of its members to a redesign of its channel pages that it has been testing for several months, although many people want the Google video-sharing site to give them the option to keep the old layout.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 July 09 09:16
  • China warns Google over porn links

    Google promised to step up control of "vulgar" online search results in China late Thursday, after a government-backed arbiter warned that its filtering of pornography was too weak.

    Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 18:13