Stories by Stephen Lawson

Broadcom pushes mobile video, bright outlook

Broadcom on Tuesday highlighted mobile video and home networking in product announcements and a rosy business forecast while the company received good news about two former executives.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 Dec. 09 06:58

WLAN market on the rebound, Dell'Oro says

The wireless LAN industry nearly returned to its pre-recession health in the third quarter and is likely to achieve record revenue when the current quarter has been tallied, according research company Dell'Oro Group.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 Dec. 09 06:20

HP aims at flexible, unified storage

Hewlett-Packard hopes to do the same thing with storage that it did with servers, leveraging years of system-building experience and economies of scale, by blurring the distinction between servers and storage.

Written by Stephen Lawson12 Dec. 09 12:22

WiGig fast wireless group finishes standard

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance has completed its specification for a technology to deliver as much as 7G bps (bits per second) over a very high unlicensed frequency band.

Written by Stephen Lawson11 Dec. 09 08:01

Battle over voice on LTE heats up

Backers of two competing specifications for delivering voice over LTE mobile data networks have heralded demonstrations in the past two days, while mobile giant Ericsson apparently dropped its support for one of the systems.

Written by Stephen Lawson11 Dec. 09 11:47

Dell aims management software, 10G Ethernet at data centers

Dell added 10-Gigabit Ethernet to its EqualLogic storage line and introduced infrastructure management software in a set of product announcements Thursday to round out its data-center offerings.

Written by Stephen Lawson11 Dec. 09 06:19

Cisco's new structure key to success, Chambers says

Cisco Systems' whirlwind of activity over the past few months wouldn't have been possible without the company's spread-out management structure, in which about 650 people are involved in cross-functional 'councils' and 'boards' that search out potentially profitable new markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers told a financial analyst conference on Tuesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 Dec. 09 07:10

Palm Pre user sues, alleging data loss

A Palm Pre user is suing Palm and Sprint Nextel, alleging they caused him to lose most of the data from his phone, and he wants to turn the suit into a class action.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 Dec. 09 09:11

Broadcom buying Dune Networks for cloud switching

Broadcom has agreed to acquire Dune Networks, a privately held maker of high-speed switch fabrics, for about US$178 million, the companies announced Monday.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Dec. 09 08:02

Techies gather for a lunch to save the world

The 43rd floor of the Spear Tower in downtown San Francisco is empty. Possibly because of the slumping economy, there's just a big, open office space with unfinished white walls overlooking a million-dollar view. It was an appropriate setting for Lunch for Good, an event on Wednesday that brought together nearly 100 people deep in the Bay Area's social-networking industry to talk about a futuristic question: how online social networks can help humans find common ground.

Written by Stephen Lawson22 Nov. 09 08:54

EMC brings Avamar backup to PCs, Macs

EMC is extending its Avamar backup software to all parts of an enterprise's infrastructure with clients for PC and Mac desktops and laptops.

Written by Stephen Lawson18 Nov. 09 16:07

Two rival supercomputers duke it out for top spot

A Cray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has regained the title of the world's most powerful supercomputer, overtaking the installation that was ranked at the top in June, while China entered the Top 10 with a hybrid Intel-AMD system.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 Nov. 09 15:08

HP to buy 3Com in $US2.7bn networking, data center bid

Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy 3Com for about US$2.7 billion, pushing forward the giant IT vendor's strategy for combining computing, storage, services and networking under one roof.

Written by Stephen Lawson12 Nov. 09 08:12

Clearwire claims 173,000 WiMax users

Wireless broadband provider Clearwire had about 173,000 WiMax subscribers at the end of September and should be able to offer service to 120 million potential subscribers in the U.S. by the end of next year, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson12 Nov. 09 08:18

Cisco undervalues Tandberg, investment firms say

Two investment consulting companies laid out objections to Cisco's US$3 billion offer for Norwegian videoconferencing vendor Tandberg on Friday, saying in an open letter to Cisco and a press interview that the bid undervalues Tandberg.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 Nov. 09 06:51