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Smartphones increasingly crowding out other devices: survey

A recent study from European telecom O2 found that smartphone users in the U.K. depend on those devices for an increasingly large proportion of their day-to-day activities -- so much so, in fact, that many have begun to abandon other gadgets altogether.

Written by Jon Gold05 July 12 16:28

Patent war unlikely to bring Androidocalypse

On the surface, Apple's recent courtroom victories are a threat to the future of the Android platform. A pair of injunctions blocking Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus from sale in the U.S. could lay the groundwork for a similar action against the Galaxy S III, as well as a huge range of other Android devices.

Written by Jon Gold03 July 12 21:33

Researchers find new malware in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

A research team at North Carolina State University led by Professor Xuxian Jiang recently announced that a security flaw in Android Version 4.0.4 and below could exploited by a rootkit with relative ease, according to an official university research blog post.

Written by Jon Gold02 July 12 21:30

Nexus 7 tablet: Android no longer an also-ran

There's no single facet of Google's new Nexus 7 that stands out as a game-changer on its own. However, the combination of a number of minor upsides is a powerful one, making the tablet into an intriguing contender in a competitive arena.

Written by Jon Gold29 June 12 14:27

Ask the magic 8-ball: Google's Nexus Q brings Play to the home

Google rolled out what it's calling the world's first social streaming media player Wednesday at its I/O developer conference. The Nexus Q is available through the Google Play Store for $299 and is expected to ship sometime in mid-July.

Written by Jon Gold27 June 12 20:30

Canonical announces Ubuntu Apps Showdown

Linux developers will soon have a chance to compete for prizes of laptops and smartphones, thanks to Canonical's announcement today of the Ubuntu App Showdown contest.

Written by Jon Gold14 June 12 21:35

Reddit bans major publications for allegedly spamming and/or cheating

Reddit, a popular link-sharing and discussion site, announced this week that it has begun blocking content from entire domains - including some belonging to the Atlantic, Business Week,, Science Daily, and Discover Magazine - for "spamming and/or cheating."

Written by Jon Gold14 June 12 19:38

Gmail engineer: Women must overcome the impostor syndrome

It's been a long, interesting journey for Google site reliability manager Sabrina Farmer, who talked about work, success and overcoming self-doubt at the Women in Advanced Computing conference in Boston.

Written by Jon Gold13 June 12 21:23

Android fans, iOS fans react to iOS 6 announcement

Apple's launch of iOS 6 yesterday at the Worldwide Developer Conference did a lot to wow the tech media world -- but some mobile users seem less than overwhelmed.

Written by Jon Gold12 June 12 17:20

In Pictures: Alan Turing in the media

A look at the Father of Computer Science's media portrayals upon the celebration of his birth 100 years ago

Written by Jon Gold12 June 12 08:48