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Lenovo North America president: 'It's a dual-device world'

Lenovo Senior Vice-President David Schmoock, who heads the company's North American operations, recently shared his thoughts on the rise of the tablet, Windows 8 vs. Android and Lenovo's attempts to raise its profile in the U.S. consumer market.

Written by Jon Gold22 Aug. 12 14:28

Silver Peak builds WAN optimization directly into major hypervisors

WAN optimization vendor Silver Peak announced today that it has integrated its virtual open architecture product directly into VMware vSphere, allowing IT staff who aren't directly involved with the network layer to interact with it via the hypervisor console.

Written by Jon Gold20 Aug. 12 04:35

Android news and rumour roundup for the week ending August 17

I really thought the whole stylus idea had been consigned to the same storage closet as Zip drives and dial-up modems, but Samsung doggedly stuck with it in the Galaxy Note 10.1, an ambitious new design that attempts to compete with the iPad on its own turf.

Written by Jon Gold16 Aug. 12 22:32

Android latest platform to drop Flash support

As of today, Adobe's Flash media infrastructure is no longer supported on the Android mobile platform, marking a further shift of momentum toward the alternative HTML5 standard.

Written by Jon Gold15 Aug. 12 16:23

Does your browser support 'do-not-track'?

Microsoft angered advertisers when it confirmed that it would enable do-not-track mode in its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser -- the IE version that will be designed for use with Windows 8.

Written by Jon Gold13 Aug. 12 18:53

New site lets you tell your boss anything, anonymously

Offering feedback, even if it's done in constructive ways, can be a touchy process in a high-pressure environment. British Columbia-based social startup Happiily, however, is trying to make it a bit less fraught.

Written by Jon Gold10 Aug. 12 17:45

Google rolls out search upgrades, Voice Search for iOS

Google is planning to integrate Gmail results into its core search product and turn the previously U.S.-only Knowledge Graph into a global feature, according to an official blog post by Google Search Senior Vice President Amit Singhal.

Written by Jon Gold08 Aug. 12 19:39

Damn Small Linux getting a big update

The developer of Damn Small Linux, a distribution designed to work on older and less powerful hardware, has released his first new version of the software in four years.

Written by Jon Gold07 Aug. 12 17:24

XBMC now working with Android gaming sensation Ouya

The team behind open-source media platform XBMC announced today that it would be working with the developers of Ouya to make sure that XBMC works on the still-developing but widely hyped Android gaming console.

Written by Jon Gold07 Aug. 12 17:24

FAQ: Why did Google buy these companies?

Google's six major acquisitions in 2012 offer potential indications of where the search giant's priorities lie. Why Google's interest? Here's a rundown:

Written by Jon Gold07 Aug. 12 13:38